Welcome to Northern Empire Performing Arts!

Our organization has been through many changes, but our goal remains the same. To offer unique performing opportunities as Edmonton’s entertainment Drumline and provide unique educational experiences to our members! Our expertise in the marching arts allows us to achieve this.

Our members learn how to take their music and performing skills to the next level! We currently offer a program in Drumline. As we continue to grow, other programs will be returning such as Brass and Woodwind ensembles, summer Colourguard/dance, and Marching Band. We are committed to providing different opportunities to the public with our community arts programs!

2022 Fundamental Practice

About us

At Northern Empire, we are all passionate and invested in building the drumline and marching community in the greater Edmonton area. For all of us in Northern Empire, the marching community in Edmonton and the capital region has been incredibly rewarding and has provided once-in-a-lifetime experiences that we wish to create for our members.


The all-male Medical Corps of the Prince of Wales Armories was established. And later on rebranded as the Nothernaries Drum and Bugle Corps.

The organization was sponsored by the Edmonton Eskimos (now Edmonton Elks) Football Club and Canada Dry. The organization was rebranded as the Edmonton Eskimo Wink Strutters.

The organization became a non-profit and established itself as the Edmonton Strutters Drum Corps.

The name changed to the 1st Canadian Regiment, and they lead with a competitive stride.

Late 1980’s
Reestablished as the Edmonton Strutters Drum and Bugle Corps.

The organization remerged as Impact Performing Arts.

Northern Empire Performing Arts.

Strutters Summer Tour-1998


To make a positive impact in the lives of performers through unwavering commitment to musicianship, artistic development, discipline, responsibility, teamwork and leadership.

We currently offer a drumline program, and as we continue to grow, we will once again
form brass and woodwind ensembles, summer colourguard/dance, and a marching band.


We provide a positive and inclusive learning environment for musicians interested in being a part of the drumline and marching community. In our program, we focus on developing our musician’s technical, performance and social abilities. In addition, our members learn how to take their music and performing skills to the next level!

2022 Elks Football game